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May 31

The peak of this budge suddenly seemed

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Update: 2012-12-26 fast time is passing by in the blink of an eye is the past three months. No pop-up updated quickly in the light chain in that huge mountain peak of attack the way quietly stand is to give people a steadfastly stand on one's ground like mountains towering atmosphere. As for the light chain is leisurely sitting in a tree of pleasant to drink wine. Thunder! At this time the peak! The peak of this budge suddenly seemed to be released from his arrogance of his body as if the general terror dormant a savage extremely rare fierce monster generally makes the image unconsciously expands again just tall some. "Puff!" When the peak is like the breeze willow,Totes Coach Cheap, like happy feet dance again and again out of turn road virtual shadow for the double palm is waving a set of the fallen petals lie in profusion. ". This set of "like the flying posture beautiful looks light is bidding to kill. What is more important is that a set of "seems to contain some kind of strange abstruse elusive its trajectory. Are flying like flying flashing peak is in vain posture change all of a sudden become calm matchless exude a fury arrogance footsteps suddenly forward step by step with a fist bombardment out mighty domineering than his dragon ascension boxing is won't be let just this one punch is gone y ī n very routine and dragon ascension boxing gloriously Yong go without the former is somewhat different. After a long time the peak is a variable moves again mouth uttered a Sen cold "refers to" unfeeling!" See the finger suddenly stretched out its around an unfeeling absolutely righteousness desolate tragic atmosphere as quick as a meteor repeatedly point out as the foot is divided generally uncanny twinkle is appeared in the very distant place. "Ha ha ha.... peak brother Wu x ì ng is really extraordinary me this a coast to coast pace but the need for rapid road has a very deep feeling can barely started! Nice. Looking at the peak of their the Zhichitianya the pace of light chain face unconsciously gave a satisfied smile. While the summit is still a face of plain just again and took a deep breath s è slightly a ch á O red seems to work out what the arcane general. Thunder! The peak was in vain again rising momentum fierce violent incomparable foot out of a strange figure in an instant even pace rampage turned out for the ten figure every even breath are exactly alike towards zh ō ngy ā ng void started violently strangled to extinction of a cut in general. "Bang Bang Bang....." ten successive loud ringing that vanity unexpectedly in the ten boxing under complete collapse into black holes in space a basin the size of the body is the peak of the quick flashing away to avoid. To finish this trick after peak seems not too well surface s è some ugly adjustment state but the eyes but with joy and satisfaction. "Well... At peak brother you finally mastered the stray light ten winner! You must remember this trick requires with arcane burn a lot of J ī ng blood not cannot but don't do that?" Figure suddenly stood up light mixing laughs. He grinned peak >
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